Spire Sonex 6010


I wasn’t sure whether I really liked this chassis, or if it was really annoying and I just hadn’t realised it. There were definitely flaws with it, but I had to really try to realise they were there. For example, whilst the odd facing of the HDD bays annoyed me only a bit at first, I realised shortly afterwards that they were also impeding my cable routing. There weren’t many places to tie cables down either, which made cable routing all the more difficult.

But, flaws aside, there’s a definite bright side: Cooling is sufficient, noise is low, etc. I imagine that if the side fans were added, there would be a few issues with larger CPU coolers, but then again, there’s external mounting for water cooling which kind of takes CPU coolers out of the equation.

It’s not as bad as I first thought it might be, anyway.


If you’re using a super-high-end-transformer-borg-cube PC, then this isn’t the case for you. If you’re just an enthusiast, or own a low to mid-level gaming PC, then this chassis is definitely suitable for your needs.

It’s definitely not a bad case, so perhaps I’m being too picky when I seek out all the flaws I can. The cost is quite low for a gaming chassis, you can pick it up for anywhere between €45 and €50 from a number of online retailers, including ebuyer and WithChips.

So, without yet more deliberation, I deem the Spire Sonex 6010 to be a very respectable 8/10. It has a lot going for it; it just seems to be lacking all those extra bits and bobs that would make it that bit better.


Lightweight, but sturdy
All-black interior
Decent cooling


Lack of features
Difficult cable routing

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