Spire Sonex 6010

Testing & Results


Unfortunately, no savant has yet to figure out a way in which we can efficiently rate and test the features of a computer chassis, so you’ll have to rely on my personal experience with this case. The obvious things to do are to rigorously test the key features, such as strength and cooling. So without further adieu; my review.



Since I can’t kick the chassis around whilst testing it, I decided the best way to test its durability would be to use it as a footrest. It handled my additional weight quite well, even over long sessions of use. I did notice that the sides flexed a bit too much when I was moving it from my office to my living room.

The grills on the front of the case are unusually strong, which is good since they tend to be the weaker part of a chassis.

It manages to transfer heat well over long sessions of gaming, despite its small stature.


Noise and Cooling

Okay, it beat me here. Even with all the fans spinning at maximum speed, it’s nigh-on silent. This was only tested with the two fans that come standard and my CPU cooler, but the sturdiness of the case meant that it ate up the noise with surprising efficiency.

As for actual cooling itself, it just pulled through. Whilst I personally am a stickler for abnormally low temperatures, the Sonex 6010 tended to occasionally jump past my acceptable parameters. When gaming, there were occasional spikes in temperature that were coming from my graphics card, but weren’t dealt with quick enough. Despite these occasional temperature spikes, the Sonex performed admirably enough. Perhaps with the addition of the side fans, the cooling would be better.



I’ll be honest, there aren’t a great amount of features going for it. The I/O panel supports USB2.0 and comes with an SD card reader, but doesn’t have any Sata-II or USB3.0 ports. Nothing inside is tool-less, including the HDD bays.

The case can support up to four fans, but only comes with 2, which is almost a standard for many non-gaming chassis’. Something that markets itself at gamers needs to have more cooling without additional investment.

Internally, everything is pretty basic. It’s not a problem per se, but it just doesn’t feel like a case for gamers.

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