Spire Sonex 6010

External features

Spire have gone for making the Sonex 6010 look sleek and unique at the same time. They’ve gone for a minimalist look, decked out with grills on the front and block metal for the sides.

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The front panel is mounted on top of the case, on its own plastic plate. The power button dominates the scene here, whilst everything else is laid out in this neat almost-symmetrical pattern. It comes with USB2.0 ports, as well as both audio and mic.

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The grill that hides the front mounted fan sports a Spire logo. Hidden behind it is a blue LED that lights up the front of the case when the power is on. When lit up, this grill reveals a hexagonal pattern behind it as well as a 120mm fan to provide cooling past the HDD bays.

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There’s room on the side of this chassis for two additional 120mm fans which aren’t included with the Sonex 6010, unfortunately. They can been mounted closer to the back of the case to provide more adequate cooling to the PSU and GPU, as well as provide decent airflow to the motherboard.

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Whilst the opposite side of the case isn’t as interesting, the back of this chassis reveals that it includes a second 120mm fan and a top-mounted PSU. There’s also pre-installed seals and holes for water-cooling systems to be mounted externally.

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And what computer chassis isn’t complete without a free bag of screws? Spire have included an orange pencil-case-esque bag to keep track of your screws. Also included is a motherboard speaker and CPU cooler plugs.

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Internal features

The Sonex 6010 doesn’t have a massive amount of space inside, but it’s more than adequate enough for an ATX motherboard and a giant graphics card. The black paint job that coats the exterior also covers the inside.

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The HDD bay is inward facing, which irks me. It doesn’t leave a lot of room between them and the graphics card, and can be awkward for plugging them in.

Unlike a  lot of recent chassis’ that use individual trays for each HDD, this case is using a HDD cage that requires each individual drive to be screwed in from either side of the case.

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