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Since there doesn’t exist a synthetic benchmark for how good cable management is yet, I’m afraid you’ll have to run with my own experiences with the case. Focusing on a few key features, such as strength, noise and cooling and anything else that springs to mind, I’ll run down my views of the chassis and tell you what I think.



While cases have lots of important factors: cooling, connectivity, temperature tracking and more, the main function is to protect your internals. The Spire Savit does an ok job in this regard, but it’s far from the greatest I’ve looked at. The actual frame of the case is solid enough, but every panel flexes when more than a little weight is applied.

There are some cases where it feels as if you could throw your rig down a staircase, and the most it would do is rattle around, but this one does feel like it might crumple under pressure.

If we ranked this chassis on strength alone, it would get a 6/10.

Noise and Cooling

When all powered on and lit up, the Spire Savit 6005B does look quite good, but are two fans enough and are they quiet?


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As a starting point, two fans are ok. You have an intake and you have an exhaust, this creates a good wind tunnel effect. However, with the extra expansion slots, this case does give you plenty of room for improvement. As long as your hardware doesn’t get in the way, you could add in a pair of side panel fans, a floor mounted intake and another two roof mounted exhausts. While Spire give you the basics, they let you do your own thing if you want more.

However, noise wise I’m not so impressed. Only one of the fans (the intake) comes with a 3pin motherboard header, as well as a molex 4pin, but the other has a basic molex 4pin only. In whatever configuration you use these, you’re unable to alter the fan speed on the fly (unless you hook them up to a fan controller or 4pin Molex KK connector. This would be ok if the fans were quiet, but unfortunately – despite moving a lot of air for their size – they are in fact, pretty damn loud.

They arn’t the loudest fans I’ve heard, but they’re up there as even with only these two blowing, most full systems would be quieter.


This is where I discuss anything else of note within the case, the toolless installs for one. These are often a good addition to a case as they allow the installation and removal of hardware much more easily since you don’t need to fetch a screw driver. They do however need to be load bearing enough to not cause problems of their own.

In the case of this chassis, the optical drive clips are excellent. The weight of the drive is supported on runners and the locking pins simply hold it in place. They’re only present on one side so if you want a full lock you’ll need to use screws, but I found these a good addition to the Spire case. Likewide with the HDD runners. They only come in one size, so SSD users or those with smaller hard drives will need to use a bay converter, but for traditional HDD mounting there shouldn’t be any problems.

The PCI brackets were a different story. They wern’t bad per say, but they wern’t as load bearing as I would have liked. With smaller cards there shouldn’t be a problem, but with the larger, heavier GPUs, especially those with huge hunks of heatsink strapped to them, I would really suggest using a screw instead. Fortunately Spire didn’t overlook this and has made it possible for either option to be used.

Cable management in the Savit was a bit of a letdown as while it has a good ammount of space for cables and plenty of cable tie points, the lack of pass-through holes was very dissapointing. This severely limits the ammount of managing you can do. Also, the CPU backing plate grill is just silly. Take that out and just give us a bigger hole.

One thing I will note on the management side though is that every edge in this case has been rounded off. This prevents finger cuts and cable shearing which is a plus.

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Last modified: August 29, 2011

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