Silverstone Sugo SG02


The Sugo SG02 seems like a sound choice when it comes to SFF cases. However, its looks are a bit of a Marmite situation with some liking and the others hating. Personally I like the looks, although it would look much better in black due to the mismatching colours of DVD drives.

The lack of tool-less drive bays, vibration mounts, and included fans go against the Sugo SG02 which is a shame as these cheap extras would have made this enclosure really stand out from the others.

However allowing a pair of hard discs and optical drives to be installed, the case doesn’t heavily limit your expansion capacity, and with enough space for a pair 8800 GTS’s it can pack a punch too.

If you are in the business for a new SFF case, give the Sugo SG02 a look as it may be perfect for you.

Pros Cons
Small No dust filters
Fits with the iPod generation No vibration mounts
Can have some high end components installed Mismatching DVD drives (with white version)


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  1. I have found a conflict between the fan requirements of the CPU fan and the overhead 120mm fan used on the bottom of the power supply. It seems that the power suppply fan is the stronger and thus causes the CPU to lose efficiency due to lack of air. Any comments.

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