Silverstone Sugo SG02


The case looked to be a little flimsy and I was wary about doing my usual standing test, but I proceeded to place my boot on the case to see how much it flexed. It managed a weak 2 which isn’t anything to write home about. As this is a small form factor case, I doubt that it’ll particularly appeal to any LANer but if the proper care was taken, this could be an excellent case for such an activity.

The case fan is rated at 21dBa, spinning at 2050RPM. This fan is far from noisy and keeps the hard discs at a reasonable temperature which is nice to see. In fact, I would go as far to say mulnaz which is always good. This is key to being able to use this case as a media PC, as you don’t want case noise to affect either your music or movie watching time. There is however a small amount of hard disc rumble as they are directly linked to the case – rather than being decoupled with rubber grommets – meaning that their vibration is passed straight onto the SG02 chassis itself. A few bits of rubber would have stopped this issue.

The cooling of the case doesn’t seem bad, as there isn’t much space inside the case meaning that any air movement refreshes the air quickly. With all of the ventilation holes you can be sure that your motherboard will stay nice and cool during operation.

The front of the case is completely ruined by the beige DVD drive that I installed, and this is a problem that most people will face as getting your hands on a white DVD drive will be difficult. I would get the black version so at least your 5.25” drives don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Silverstone SG02
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  1. I have found a conflict between the fan requirements of the CPU fan and the overhead 120mm fan used on the bottom of the power supply. It seems that the power suppply fan is the stronger and thus causes the CPU to lose efficiency due to lack of air. Any comments.

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