Silverstone SST PS05

Silverstone PS05 Review


Silverstone are a producer of high quality PC components with one of their product lines offering a wide selection of cases to choose from. Today we’re taking a look at the PS05 which is Silverstone’s latest case in their Precision series. Apparently it offers noise control and improved airflow in a sleek, all-black design. Let’s see if it lives up the PR hype.


Silverstone PS05
Case type
Mid-size Tower
Front panel material
Dimensions (Wi x He x De)
190mm x 466mm x 485mm

Front: 1 x 120mm
Top: 2 x 120mm
Rear: 1 x 120mm
Bottom: 1 x 120mm

Drive bays
4 internal (5.25″), 6 external (4 x 5.25″ & 2 x 3.5″)
Steel & Plastic
Expansion slots
Motherboard support
ATX, Micro ATX

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