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All the while I was testing the Vaya, I found it hard to really make my mind up about it. The flaws were prominent, and it didn’t really have many pros, but it’s hard to make it down too far as it is part of an economy range of cases.

It’s a sturdy chassis that packs the absolute essentials, but the awkward size of the inside coupled with a maverick HDD bay meant that it was difficult to install parts into. The awkward placing of the HDD cage also meant that cable management was hard to achieve.

I tried to like the Vaya, but ultimately I couldn’t bring myself to do it. For hardware enthusiasts and gamers alike, it’s too flawed. It’s the kind of case that begs to be kept at home in an office. It might even be useable for a low-end gaming PC, but modern, high-end hardware is just too big and too hot for this case.

At the end of the day, this isn’t something I’d recommend to a PC gamer, but I could perhaps do so for someone who’s looking to put together something for their office or den.


Comes with essentials
Lightweight but sturdy


Only one fan
Weird HDD bay cage
Cooling isn’t very quiet


Last modified: August 16, 2011

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