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Unfortunately, no savant has yet to figure out a way in which we can efficiently rate and test the features of a computer chassis, so you’ll have to rely on my personal experience with this case. The obvious things to do are to rigorously test the key features, such as strength and cooling. So without further adieu; my review.


I’ll give credit where credit’s due. This case doesn’t buckle easily under pressure since I spent most of the testing period using it as a foot rest . I’m not going to say that it won’t bend or break at all, but it can definitely take its share of kicks. The mesh over the front grill doesn’t seem very stable, meaning that an impact to the front of this chassis could mean some serious damage to the fan beneath the grill. Overall I’d give the Vaya an 8/10 for strength.

Noise and Cooling

Cooling for this case was hardly steller, but it wasn’t too bad either. My GPU remained within acceptable levels, peaking in the mid 60s. Other components did get up there a little so I would say there is room for improvement but for a basic, economy range chassis the Vaya does fine.

That said, one fan? Give us an exhaust as well as an intake at least Sharkoon. 2 at a minimum please.

On the noise front, it does dampen noise but not to non-audible levels. In silent conditions it’s very noticeable, but it is easily surpassed by the noise of say a TV or video game.


It comes with the essentials, i.e; cable ties, screws, fan filters, but it doesn’t have all those extra bits of un-necessary clutter that are slowly becoming a standard in other cases.Also, by only packing the one fan its severely hindering itself.

The HDD bay clamps were infuriating; a unique feature that I hope not to see in another chassis again.

Past that, the Vaya doesn’t have anything that makes it that different from any other case on the market.

I’ll give it a 4/10 in this aspect. Decent thumb screws for the side panels and the fan filters pushed it up a bit but there’s still a distinctive lack of features for the Vaya.

There’s also some effort made at cable management, but I’d like to see a little more in future.

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Last modified: August 16, 2011

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