NZXT Whisper


NZXT Whisper


So you’re looking to build a new computer or are upgrading your current system. The last thing on your list is probably the case. It really shouldn’t be. If it is, you’re usually left with a flimsy, cramp and ugly heap of metal which is supposedly a PC enclosure. You’re kidding right? Well no, it’s true and most of us can put our hands up and admit we’ve done this on more than the odd occasion. So how about a case which actually has an affect on your internal components and is a joy to work with? Will that step up a mark on your wish list of parts for a new rig? Well after reading this review on a case which offers silence, an aluminium chassis and modernity, you may just think twice. Introducing the NZXT Whisper…


  • Silent Performance :: 10mm noise dampening foam pads both side panels and the top panel, rubber grommets reduce vibration noise on the Hard Drives, and a padded PSU holder dramatically reduce acoustic levels within the chassis
  • Maximum Expandability: Space for 9 hard drives and a total of six 5.25″ bays with ample room for large expansion cards
  • Simple Installation: Pre-drilled wire management system makes it easy to route your cables and the screw-less installation means you won’t be constantly reaching for your tools
  • Advanced Cooling: Whisper includes 4 fans (1 x 120mm Blue LED Intake, 1 x 120mm Black Rear Exhaust, and 2 x 80mm Rear Exhaust). Bottom mounted PSU separates the heat given off by the PSU and motherboard


NZXT Whisper


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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