NZXT Tempest


Box n’ Bundle

The Tempest is sent in a huge cardboard box with the usual protective padding. One thing that you do notice however is the photo of the Tempest in all its beauty; while box art doesn’t always give an accurate representation of the product inside, fingers crossed that’s no the “case” here.

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Unfortunately this initial good impressions was tarnished slightly when I attempted to pick the box up using the “handy” handle the flaps holding it in place ripped and fell apart.

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The handle itself was also unable to hold the weight of the case and broke.

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The box was held together with large stables, which can hinder the removal of cases as the polystyrene gets caught and it becomes a two man job – one pulling the case and the other the box.

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The back of the box is a pretty similar story as well, the usual product features and more photos of the case.

Another thing about the packaging is that it clearly wasn’t designed to be transported; and definitely wasn’t designed with the small size of most shop shelves in mind as they have hardly conserved on the cardboard.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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