NZXT H2 Silent Classic





No real problems here beyond a minor bit of flexing when a lot of weight was applied to the centre of the top panels; even the grills stand up to quite a lot of pressure. The sides are tough enough to survive an impact of considerable force so your internals should be nicely protected.

Noise and Coolin

While there are “only” three fans included as standard, NZXT have done well to hit the middle ground between performance and noise ouput and thanks to the included fan controller, you’re able to fine tune this to your own taste. When on the lowest setting, all fans are practically inaudible, even with your ear right next to them. However, even when on full power, none of them scream at you and with the side panels on you can barely hear them anyway.

The inclusion of the foam padding on the front and both side panels really contributes to the noise reduction making this certainly a case that silence enthusiasts should consider when looking for a new chassis.


Cable management has been a big focus for NZXT with this case. Not only is everything tidied away neatly before you even get the H2, but you also have many options when it comes to tucking away any others that you might have. The fan connectors for the front panel are genius and there’s plenty of places to attach a cable tie. The only downside I would say is that because everything is pre-tied, it does make customisation a bit more difficult.

There’s also been a lot of attention to detail in making the case as tool-free as possible. Almost every area where a screw is used its a thumb screw and the 5.25″ drive bay clip mechanisms are great. They’re load bearing enough to hold the ODD in place, while being simple enough to use and not requiring much strength to implement.

NZXT have also included several additives that help keep the case up to date with brand new releases, including the USB 3.0 port and the top panel SATA drive bay.


The H2 Silent Classic comes in at a reasonable £80. While this might be beyond some people’s budgets, I can tell you now that this is one case that’s more than worth it.

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