NZXT Guardian 921


I like the Guardian… to look at. Its fantastic looks wowed me the minute I saw it with it sleek curving door and blue hypnotic lights. However to live with it is a bit of a pain. The fact it needs constant cleaning annoys me as I would much rather be doing something on the computer th
n cleaning the case. The said the ease of installation and the user friendly time saving devices will clinch it for most people. The noise is a big problem and serves to annoy me regularly, for example when watching films, and it is the one major drawback to this case. if you discount the dust. That said though, if you can afford to run the fans at low speeds, or plan to replace them with quieter alternatives, the Guardian won’t see you wrong in many other areas.

Pros Cons
Easy and quick install A bit flimsy
Price is so-so Loud
Looks fantastic



Thanks go to NZXT for providing us with this case.

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