NZXT Guardian 921


The Guardian came to me in a large box, it was covered in a plastic bag and held central in the box with two polystyrene blocks on either side.

The box itself is very pretty sporting a black background with pictures of the case posted around. This gives a great image of the case before you even set eyes on the real thing. That said, it does show the “blue” LEDs to be more purple than most men would like. Luckily the real things don’t disappoint, but more on that later.

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The side panels show information about the case in a few different languages and the back shows basically the same features that are written in this review.

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This standard way of packing the case meant that nothing was damaged when it got to me and there were no scratches or marks to be found.

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All the shiny bits were covered in sticky plastic to preserve the surfaces; no scratches = happy customer.

In the case you get:

  • Guardian 921
  • Instruction booklet
  • Pocket with screws and mounting devices in

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