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Testing cases is another one of those odd “benchmarks”, as the main test of any case, is what features it has, and whether its cooling options are quiet. The features are detailed in the look at the case itself, but individual ones will be looked into during the testing to highlight any problems or particularly innovations we liked.

The areas in which we take a detailed look at are: strength, cooling & noise, installation and pricing as we feel these are the most important factors in determining the effectiveness of a system enclosure.




The Gamma’s steel construction entrusts the main chassis is reasonably secure and not particularly prone to bending. There are however a few weak points: most notably the top section due which is understandable due to the large meshed air vents. The panels too are a little wobbly although once screwed in this isn’t a big issue.


With just a single 120mm fan fitted as standard, optional fans are more essential than the name suggests. Despite the ability to select them based on your preferences and implement them into the five other available slots, we still feel a bare minimum of two fans should be present in order to provide an acceptable level of cooling.

As is stands, one fan is unlikely to be enough for many systems, overclocking aside.


Besides the 3.5”drives, installation is essentially a screw-based system. As with other budget cases, the standoffs are not pre-installed but it only takes a few seconds to do.

The motherboard, graphics card and optical drives all screw into position using exactly the same screws, eliminating the need for numerous different types.
The clip-on rails make light work of the HDD installation and although perhaps not quite as secure as some, they do the job.

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Sure, the installation is quite rudimentary but everything works and everything is secure at the end.



A around the £35 mark, the NZXT Gamma is very competitively priced sitting nicely alongside the Antec Two Hundred and previous NZXT cases such as the Beta.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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