NZXT Alpha




Processor AMD AM2 6000+ Dual Core
Motherboard Biostar TA690G AM2
RAM Corsair XMS2 6400 2GB (2x1GB)
HDD Maxtor DiamondMax 20 80GB SATA
Power supply Jeantech Storm 700w
Graphics card Onboard – ATI Xpress 1250 series

We use a unique strength test that is a little simplistic and all it requires is my weight on the top and observing the bending etc. that the case exhibits. The ‘test’ is explained more here.

For the temperature and noise output testing, we use the same PSU in every test and observe the noise output and give you a relative reading on our scale.

The temperature results are taken from the ambient temperature of the case (via temperature probe), the CPU and the chipset. All of these results are taken without a graphics card (our motherboard has on-board). The temperatures are taken at load and at idle for the processor using OCCT to load the cores. The stock AMD heatsink is used with Artic Silver 5 with an AM2 6000+ CPU at stock underneath.

Ambient temperature is 19C.


The standing test wasn’t the best result we’ve seen, and scores a rather low 1 as the case did start to bend substantially before my full weight was on it. Mechanically this case will be fine for a LAN event, but it won’t provide the same armour plating as a more substantial and more expensive enclosure.

NZXT Alpha

The case manages to score good, well-rounded temperatures while remaining below the annoyance segment of human hearing; you can hear the fans doing their job, but it doesn’t interfere with your computing.

NZXT Alpha
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One thing that does however is the HDD LED. You may be thinking how can this tiny circular green LED could cause a problem, well, its brightness is comparable to an entire street of Christmas lights on a council estate. Our EOS SLR had problems discerning whether I was in fact taking a picture of a case, or indeed the sun; the LED leaves you blinking away a blotchy afterimage if looked at directly and will easily illuminate a darkened room. Why NZXT have decided to give it the power of a small lighthouse is beyond me, but you’ll definitely know when your HDD is being queried.

NZXT Alpha
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When powered on, the front Perspex edge lights up with a couple of blue LED’s, which are at the bottom so the top part of the surround doesn’t get much light at all. The side fan on the window however is perfect, as it manages to shine a decent amount of light and gives your components inside a nice glow.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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