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Finally, we can come to a conclusion. Of course the list of pro’s and con’s has already told you most of which you need to know, but a price-quality ratio check, a summary and a final recommendation are always good to go with.

Most people do not need a case this size. Most people will not want to buy an expensive case since cases are meant to be practical and not shiny. But what most  people do want is their case to be worth it’s money.

This ones gives you the feeling you have a piece of art in your room, even though it is a huge, full-size ATX case. The build quality of this case is pretty much perfect, except for the front panel and the somewhat cheap plastic feel one can get at times. Luckily the look of the plastic is integrated just fine with the aluminum parts. The internal features are pretty much all you can wish for in a computer case. Basically, Nexus didn’t hold back on anything and might even have went overboard with the water cooling tubing openings.

You will have to cash out more than €100.- for this case but what you get is what you pay for. Perfect cooling, perfect features and a quality-build case; even if there are a couple of flaws.

So if you need a computer case this size and are willing to pay for quality, Nexus offers a perfect solution.

Pros Cons
Spacious interior Half aluminum half plastic finish. Sometimes gives a cheap feeling
Noise-dampening foam on both panels PSU cable length can be an issue
Dust filters on important spots Side panel doesn’t fit properly, probably a one-piece issue
Neat-looking design, well-polished front Sloppy fitting of the front door as a whole
Lockable front door and side panel  
Optional fan spots, easy removable stock fans  



Thanks go to Nexus for providing us with this case.

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