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This is where it gets interesting for a lot of people, the interior design. Is the case built up in such a way to be useful for an everyday user, or is it specifically laid out for a small group of users? Well, with the amount of room, 5.25” bays, 3.25” bays, a separated PSU and well-placed fans I can tell you this case is meant for just about anyone.

The internal of the  case is not painted, this is probably due to the reason that Nexus has provided both side panels with a thick layer of noise-dampening foam so they assume you will leave your case closed. The upper internal space isn’t particularly interesting. It features  Micro-ATX up to Full-ATX motherboard spacers. The two 14cm fans I have previously pointed out with their appropriate connectors and of course the front panel connectors. There is a hole behind where the CPU is mostly placed so one can easily remove the CPU cooler and (re)install another should you so wish.

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Moving down in the case we see more interesting features pop up. On the far right is another 14cm Nexus fan which makes sure your HDDs and SSDs are kept cool. Directly besides the fan is the 3.5” HDD/SSD tray which can hold five drives and on the left of that another two trays which both can hold up to two drives. These drives can conveniently be slid in with the handy mounting system which basically are two sliders applied to the side of a drive, which you then simply slide in the tray. The same system works for the nine 5.25” drives at the front of the case.

Another interesting feature is the option to apply another 12/14cm fan besides the PSU. Nexus supplied a dust filter which can easily be removed and cleaned so dust will not get into the case. You can clearly see the foam on the motherboard-side side panel in this picture.

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