Nexus Edge

Nexus Edge


In a world that is all about Information, we need plenty of space to store all of it. Today we will be looking at  the Nexus Edge, a high-end computer case aimed at no one less than you and me, the casual IT-consumer. Nexus presents this case as a high-class one with great functionality for everyday use. Less see if Nexus can keep their promises.

What can Nexus tell us about the Edge case?

EDGE – great airflow, silence and plenty of space for a whole lot of HDD’s and opticals…

The Nexus Edge case is a full-tower case that fits ATX/Flex, ATX/MicroATX and Full ATX motherboards. The side panels of the Edge case are fully covered with noise absorption wave foam to absorb noises and sounds coming from the inside of the case. The front panel is from 3mm thick aluminum with three stunning finishes. […]We fitted the Edge with 3 pieces of real silent 14cm case fans. These fans run at 1000 RPM and move a massive amount of air….but all are ultra quiet.

When you install the power supply of your choice in the Edge case you will notice that you lay the PSU on nice, soft rubber buffers. […]At the air intake areas such as at the front 14cm case fan we have positioned some filter parts to keep the dust out of the case. […]And to keep things nice and simple… HDD’s and opticals are fitted toolless.


Nexus Edge


In retail form the Nexus Edge comes with the necessary accessories.

  • Three 14cm pre-installed Nexus DX14SL-12, 1000rpm fans
  • A manual
  • Screw kits
    • Motherboard (screws, pins & stand-offs)
    • PSU, PCI-slot mounting
    • HDD
    • 3.5” drive mounting
    • 5.5” drive mounting
    • Washers
  • Cable manager plastics
  • Separate PC-Speaker
  • Two sets of keys for the side panel and front door
  • Mounting rails for 3.5” and 5.5” drives

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