Lian Li PC-Z60


Installing and testing

Installing a rig in this case is as easy as it comes. Everything is tool-less, things slide in and out easily and there are no notable sharp edges.


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Installing a HDD is rather simple, connect the brackets to the HDD.


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Unlock the slide with the keys.


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Place your hard drive. Et voila!


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Installing the PSU is a piece of cake too. Slide it in and click in the metal clamp.


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Push it down and clamp it by moving the lever up. Done; rock solid.


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Cable management! Thank you! I thought it wouldn’t work that well, but was surprised by the ease and flexibility of this system.

I did test the pre-installed fans and the simple conclusion is that you’re better off connecting them to a fan controller, be it motherboard or dedicated. The 120mm and 140mm fans on the back/top are clearly audible and therefore not really great for a silent system. Lian Li could’ve done better here.

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Last modified: September 12, 2012

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