Lian Li PC-Z60

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The Taiwanese Lian Li is well known for their high quality PC and NAS cases, they also have PSU’s and chassis-related accessories. Lian Li sent me the aluminum black PC-Z60 ATX case to review and that’s what we’ll be talking about today.



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Unboxing and accessories

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The PC-Z60 comes in a reasonably sized box with the main specifications printed in full colour. The claims for USB3.0 and a tool-less design are very promising.

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It’s always a tour to get a case out of such a tight boxing, but in the end you can see why that’s so; the protective packaging is to ensure the case doesn’t get bumped and falls apart whilst being transported.

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Included is an amazingly interesting folder that gives a quick overlook of many Lian Li related products.

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Also included is a multilingual installation guide, which covers the basics on how to setup your system in this case.

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The included accessories aren’t that extensive, but suffice. You get plenty HDD brackets, screws, thumbscrews, an USB2.0 <> USB3.0 converter, a PC-speaker and keys to lock the HDDs in place. The big metal part is used to clamp the PSU, as you’ll see later on.