Lian li PC-Q25 ITX Case



Build Quality

Build quality has always been something Lian Li excels at. Being completely made of aluminium you might expect the case to feel slightly flimsy, this is not the case with the PC-Q25. Everything fits together well; the side panels are held on tightly but are also easy removed.

Often we see cases with large gaps where panels join, due to cheap/poor manufacturing. With the PC-Q25, the outside of the case is a single piece of aluminium just folded on three corners and joined on the bottom at back. This gives the case strength as well as a great look.

Noise and Cooling

Being an ITX case you can’t fit many fans into the system. This makes the fans you can fit important. Upon first look, you may not notice it but the front fan area is very well designed. The front of both side panels have holes at the front to allow in air, this air is sucked in by the front fan, thanks to the panel that the fan is mounted too.

With the only fans in the case being almost inaudible the only noise you could hear is the hard drive, this could be rectified by using a quiet hard drive or even better, an SSD.


The PC-Q25 isn’t a feature packed case but what it does do; it does very well which is to fit an ITX motherboard, a ridiculously long graphics card and plenty of hard drives.

There isn’t a ton of space for spare cables to be tucked so a modular PSU is definitely recommended.


To round up the PC-Q25, the case is quiet, stays cool and looks extremely professional and sleek.

Building a system in the case was easy; everything went in without an issue apart from the PSU, which is my fault for not checking the length.

The only thing that some may miss is the front panel connections like USB and headphones ports. Lian Li didn’t include any on the front to ensure the sleek look of the case; I find it a good trade off.

At Caseking the case is on sale for £87. You pay a premium for Lian Li cases, because they are things of beauty. This may not be to everyone’s liking but I feel that the PC-Q25 is definitely worth £87.


  • Completely Aluminium
  • Light weight
  • Excellent quality
  • Easy to build a system in
  • Priced fairly
  • Quiet and cool
  • Can fit very long graphics cards


  • No Black interior
  • PSU hole is a tight fit and slightly scratched out PSU
  • You need to watch your PSU length
  • Lian Li premium price

Lian Li PC-Q25



Last modified: October 16, 2012

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