Lian Li PC-A70F



Beginning with the drive bays, you get to use more fancy toolless mechanisms, with the one used for the 5 3/4 inch drive bays, there’s a simple clip system that operates on a swing arm, locking in the drive, and releasing it alternately.

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The HDD cages are unfortunately not tool-less, but simply fitting rubber spacers along with the screws works well, and they are mounted by simply sliding it into the cage, and locking the thumb screw that controls it. Very easy.

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I’ve already spoken about the backing plates but those were incredibly easy to use also.

Fitting the PSU was incredibly easy as well, and the locking clip holds it in place perfectly. The motherboard has plenty of space when mounted as the inside of this case is hugely spacious; you could fit pretty much anything in here. There’s plenty of space in there for any size GPUs you happen to own, any extra HDDs, and a tonne of 5 3/4 inch drive space as well. Cable management wise there’s also plenty of space.

I think you get the idea, this thing’s big enough to fit pretty much anything in.

One final feature that works very well indeed is the slideable motherboard tray. This allows for installing your mobo without the need to re-route everything around the rest of the case’s internals. It also makes installing larger coolers much easier. However, take into consideration when doing this that it does pose a problem when fitting large overhanging coolers, if you don’t take into consideration the placement of certain case parts, when you end up replacing the tray with hardware attached, you may find it doesn’t fit. While this feature is welcomed, I did have some trouble detaching it from the main part of the case, and it took quite a bit of fiddling before I got it right.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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