Lian Li PC-A01


Bar the CPU compartment bracket failing to work with out mATX motherboard, this case performed well. It would be unfair to mark it down for not working with a single mATX board and its bad luck that that was the only one we had access to at the time of this review.

However, other parts of the case cannot go unnoticed, including the lack of any vibration killing mounts, or only having one 5.25” bay (and not to mention the price…). The ability to use a full size graphics card is a plus, and a big plus in the media PC environment.

It’s built well, and the built in LED’s in the power and reset switches is a nice touch. It’s on the line, but I think that an 8 is deserved.

Pros Cons
Looks good Only stock coolers compatible
Interesting air flow design Won’t work with every mATX case
Limited space for optical drives


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