Lian Li PC-A01


The standing test that I normally carry out on cases was missed out this time as it’s unlikely that you’ll be ferrying this to a LAN party. If you do however, the case is more than strong enough to do so. Thanks to the rounded corners, you could use the case on its side and easily have heavy set-top boxes on top of it without fear of it collapsing.

Once turned on, you are greeted with silence (to allow my CPU cooler to be installed, I had to remove the bracket which meant that using an optical drive was impossible). If you turn on Cool ‘n Quiet or Intel’s version, then you’ll have the quietest PC at all times. The only sound that is made is by the fans of your various components (i.e. power supply and graphics card).  As a result of having to remove the bracket, temperatures weren’t taken.

Annoyingly, the hard disc rumbling is present to a small degree which could easily be removed with some cheap rubber mounting grommets and it’s a shame that Lian Li haven’t included them.

Lian Li PC-A01
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Once you turn on the case with the micro switches on the front, you’ll find that the that the HDD activity LED is built into the reset button and is a bright red, while the power switch has an equally bright blue LED in it.

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