Lian Li PC-A01


Device 5.25” bay x 1, 3.5” x 2, 3.5” internal x 1
Fan None, spare 8cm fan mount x 1
Motherboard type Micro ATX (max size: 9.6” x 9.6”)
Front I/O USB 2.0 x 2, IEEE 1394 x 1, Mic x 1, Ear x 1
Dimensions 160 x 360 x 410mm (W, H, D)
Slot PCI slot x 4

1.         Internal design function synopsis :

  • ◆ Device is 5.25¡¨ bay x 1 and 3.5¡¨ internal can purchase a card reader as optional.
  • ◆ Movable CPU plate, suits every brand of Micro-atx mother board.
  • ◆ Lian Li originate design for the fan less case
  • ◆ Researches and develops together with Intel, regardless of is the interior air convection or the temperature test all conforms to the Yushan plan¡¦s standard and norm (Temperature test conforms to the standard Intel 59¢J)
  • ◆ Spare 8cm fan mount at the front of the case. Considering to the installation of high end VGA card. Recommend to add another 8cm fan for better heat dissipation, will not need for the normal VGA card
  • ◆ Suggested using the static sound of ATX power supply, lets the use environment achieve the quite effect
  • ◆ Prevent cutting design for the internal by using grinds and burr processing

2.         Overall product design idea :

  • ◆ Emphasized the high tech fashion product, suits independence work space and users that pay great attention to the silent effect.
  • ◆ Burr processing design for the internal , presents fineness and exquisiteness of Lian Li¡¦s product, enables the product to achieve the perfect goal
  • ◆ Regardless of picks straight vertical or horizontally, all has the design sense of reality which creates high savors.
  • ◆ The overall construction firmly uses 1.5mm, 1.2mm, and the 1.0mm aluminum material
  • ◆ This machine funds are the best choice for users that like the silent function.
  • ◆ Says by the high-quality cases, the fan less design is the originate design by Lian Li

3.         External appearance function merit synopsis:

  • ◆ The external appearance has been through anodizing process, with two choice of silver and black color.
  • ◆ The touchable switch with the cold light, the outward appearance kneading board design has the altitude sense of reality and the stereoscopic effect, can be place horizontally and vertically.

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