LANCOOL Metal Boned K7

LANCOOL Metal Boned K7


Nearly everyone who’s looked for a new PC case will have heard the name Lian Li who are celebrated for their aluminium enclosures. Lian Li have always aimed their cases at the conservative computer owner, who would rather have a light-weight clean looking case rather than one jam packed full of cold cathodes and LED encrusted fans.

Today I have in my hands the Metal Boned K7 chassis that while being dressed with a ‘LANCOOL’ badge is manufactured by Lian Li and has a distinct taste of it manufacturers styling. In fact the badge could be changed for a Lian Li and no-one would bat an eye-lid.


  • Hybrid aluminum case with SECC frame to strength the structure by 40%+
  • Compact size, big volume inside, fits standard ATX and PS2 power supply
  • Optimized cooling performance with two 12cm intake fan in the front and one 12cm exhaust fan at the rear.
  • Fits NVIDIA 8800 and ATI 2900 graphics card to max. 288mm long
  • Multi-media front I/O and switches located on top of the chassis, easy access
  • Tool-less entry, for easy service.

Full specifications available here (images at the bottom of the page)

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  1. If it had the PSU position designed at the bottom, this pc case could were the perfect choice.

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