InWin X-Fighter



The In Win X-Fighter has proved itself not only as a spacecraft but in terms of performance too. The internal layout complete with the VGA Turbo Cooling System is very well designed to create extra space in a Mid Tower chassis that would otherwise be lacking some.

There are nice touches all over the product from the lights around the power button and concealed reset button to the quick release clips allowing the side panels to be removed with a minimum of fuss. The rails for installing the drives are the best I have seen in a long time and the rubber patented design is very clever.

The aesthetics might not be to everyone’s liking but, in my opinion, it is very attractive and the geometric lines and triangular feet all add to the character of the case. Another point which could be improved upon is the noise with the dual 80mm fans creating quite a bit of noise outputs – a 120mm fan might have done the job better.

To sum it up: a very impressive product for In Win with style, performance and innovation and all at a fair price. Good job InWin.

Pros Cons
Aesthetics Looks might not appeal to everyone
Great rails for installation Dual 80mm fans are noisy
Cooling (VGA cooling system) Cable management not thought out



Thanks go to InWin for providing us with this.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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