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Testing cases is another of those odd ones, as the main test of any case, is what features it has, and whether its cooling options are quiet. The features are detailed in the look at the case itself, but individual ones will be looked into during the testing to highlight any problems or particularly innovations we liked.

We also have a rather unique test termed the case "strength" test. This involves yours truly standing on said case, and checking how it reacts in terms of flexing. This test is detailed more here.



The In Win X-Fighter had no problems in this test and didn’t really buckle or bend at all. Therefore, the case is a great contender for a LAN – a certain 3/3.


The VGA cooling system is a great addition to this case and offers great cooling potential to all the PCI devices without taking up too much space in the main chamber. The 120mm fans at the back and on the hard drive cage should also contribute to reducing temperatures of the vital components. The fact that all the fans can be so easily removed is also great for cleaning purposes.

Cable Management

I have a slight issue with the length of the cables from the top, they really are very long and so you have to tie them up out the way in unused drive bays but there aren’t any cable ties included which is a bit annoying. I’d also have liked to see the ability to tie them up behind the motherboard tray.


Whilst the front and back 120mm fans don’t create much noise, the dual 80mm fans on the VGA cooling system do tend to churn up a fair bit of noise which isn’t ideal. I would have thought another 120mm fan here instead of the two dual 80’s would have been a better choice, especially in terms of noise.


The X-Fighter has an MSRP of approximately £75 (exc. VAT), which is not a bad price at all considering many gaming cases get well into the £100s. I think a very reasonable price overall.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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