InWin X-Fighter


The X-Fighter


The case creates an immediate impression with the unique side panel and interestingly styled front. The design is supposedly inspired by the Stars Wars films and I must say it does look quite impressive. The chassis comes from In Win’s AL-13 Series aimed at a slightly lower end market than some of their other series –for example the Xtreme series.

Currently, the X-Fighter is only available in one colour – black – and is a mid tower chassis of dimensions 470mm × 240mm × 570mm.

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Starting with the front, the shape is a very different from the usual flat front panels that we are used to seeing. Instead, it forms an ‘H’ shape which bends outwards towards the centre to create a ‘V’ shaped bumper. This bumper gives rise to both the power and reset buttons. The power button being a long strip on the front whereas the reset button is concealed at the back making it much harder to accidentally press it. Moreover, upon powering up the case, the bumper has an interesting LED light effect which consists of LEDs lighting up in order (almost looks like the lights on a runway).

The top of the front has four 5.25” drive bays that each has their own black grill on the front. Each of these can be clicked out individually to install the drives.

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The shiny black of the side panel is covered with a plastic film to stop any grubby fingerprints or dust getting stuck to it before use. Removing this reveals the panel in all its glory. The pronounced part looks like a slightly elongated play button with the shiny black part acting as a border to the air vent which consists of a number of slats that can be opened to allow airflow. There is also a red honeycomb like grill to the front giving a bit of colour to the design.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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