InWin X-Fighter


Box and Bundle

The X-Fighter’s packaging certainly lives up to the spacecraft design with the front featuring a large image of the case emitting a green light. The case looks like it has just descended from the spacecraft hovering above it again showered in spectral green light. The X-Fighter title is in a strange font fitting in again with the space theme with the In Win logo finishing off the bottom.

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The back sees a similar image and layout except this time, the case has its side panel removed with three circular close ups next to it showing off a few key features.

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The sides are much more informative and a little toned down from the very colourful front and back. One side sees yet another product image next to a table of specifications and a box of symbols referring to the features.

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The case itself is very well protected inside with styrofoam protectors and a plastic bag. Also, some parts of the case have sticky plastic films stuck over them to keep them clean and stop any scratches.

In terms of accessories, there are only a few alongside the fold-out multilingual manual:

  • PCI Slot Fillers
  • 3-pin to Molex connector
  • Assorted screws

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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