InWin Maelstrom


Box & Bundle

The box for the Maelstrom isn’t as big as some of the giant ones we’ve looked at recently, but it’s still pretty large. It features a black background and a centralised image of the case itself, all lit up and pretty. There’s also a tonne of features listed along the bottom, in button form.

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The back of the box has another picture of the Maelstrom from a different angle, with a catchphrase “Ready to sweep across the world.”

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Bundled with the Maelstrom are a few extras. There’s a motherboard speaker, a couple of sticky cable ties, two 3pin to molex converters, a manual, and a bag of screws.

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However, considering there’s 3 x 120mm fans in the case that all run off of 3pin connectors, why are only 2 molex converters included?

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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