GMC R3 Corona


Testing and Results


We use a unique strength test that is a little simplistic and all it requires is my weight on the top and observing the bending etc. that the case exhibits. The ‘test’ is explained more here.

For noise output testing, we observe the noise output and give you a relative reading on our scale. Unfortunately though this must be done with the human ear as we don’t have the funds for the level of detail decibel meter’s required for such a test.

The temperature results are taken from the system temperature inside the case, the CPU and the chipset. We now also test the temperature of the HDD under a full low-level scan via SMART. The temperatures are taken at load and at idle for the processor using OCCT to load the cores. The Akasa AK-965 cooler was used
which is very similar to the stock Intel.

Ambient temperature is 17C.


In regards to the strength test, the case did not exactly pass with flying colours. It was able to support my weight just about but there was a lot of stress on the case which resulted in some bending.

Idle Load
CPU Core 1 30 42
CPU Core 2 27 40
HDD 34 41
Chipset 31 43
System 26 31

*All temperatures taken in degrees C.

As the GMC R-3 Corona is hardly a top-end case, it does a pretty effective job at keeping the temperatures of the components down and maintaining a good system temperature.

However, without taking anything away form the performance of the R-3, the results were taken on a very cold morning with an ambient temperature of only 17C and therefore this could be partly due to the reasonably low temperatures.


The R-3 Corona is retailing at roughly £35, which for a case with innovative features, such as the blue ring light and the vertically operating ODD, is very affordable.

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Last modified: August 17, 2011

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