GMC R3 Corona



The system we installed is as follows:

Processor Intel C2D E5550 Dual Core 2.33GHz
Motherboard Gigabyte S-Series GA-73PVM-S2H
Graphics Card XFX 8600GT
Memory Corsair XMS2 PC6400 (2x 1GB)
Hard Drive Hitachi HDT7250 (250GB)
OS Windows XP Pro 32bit

The first step was to install the power supply which was easily screwed into the top left hand corner.

After that, I installed the motherboard by using the special screws provided in order to securely attach the board without any wobble.

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After this, I screwed the hard drive into the bracket.

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Then, I had to fix the ODD on the front. The front panel just pulls off when you pull the bottom. Then the ODD easily screws into place and the cables can be fed to the power supply back through a hole at the top.

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Finally, all that remained was to connect up all the cables and attach the front bracket and the installation was complete.

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Last modified: August 17, 2011

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