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Fractal Design R2 Review


Lately we are getting more and more case reviews done at XSReviews. One could say the more the merrier, but with computer cases this is not always true. It is hard to design a case that fits a lot of consumers and it is even harder to design a case that fits a special user group. Today I present to you the Fractal Design Define R2 Black Pearl case. It is a hybrid, aimed at users that want a silent rig with water cooling options and ease of installation for a reasonable price.

What does Fractal Design tell us about the Define R2 case?

“The long awaited Define R2 case is reaching new heights in combining stylish, contemporary design with maximum functionality and noise absorbing features. You can fit an astonishing total of eight hard drives into this case, using the user friendly HDD-trays. PSU is mounted in the bottom of the case, with a convenient pull-out filter beneath it. The motherboard has rubber covered holes in which you can easily route the cables behind the motherboard.”


Last modified: March 14, 2011

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