Cubitek Tattoo Fire



For a first outing, this is a damn fine case. Cubitek have taken note from manufacturers like Antec and NZXT in their styling and made sure to tick all the right boxes when it comes to case construction.

Rounded edges, check. Strong levels of stock cooling, check. Space for items, check. Unique style and lighting, check. On top of these must-haves, there’s also plenty of extras, including the well laid out cable management, USB extension pre-attached on top, lights on/off switch and a solid construction design; all this adds up to a very nicely built chassis. And for £60? it’s a great deal. Even better, the cut down version without side panel window and fancy red interior is only £50, making it an even better offer if you’re not so style concious.

Beyond the slightly less-than-ideal studyness of the PCI bracket clips, there are almost no problems for this case at all and at the price, you’re getting a lot for your money. Cubitek is definately a new player on the block for the mid-range case market; definately one to watch out for.

Pros Cons
Looks good PCI brackets not as strong as I’d like
Great I/O options, USB extender cable Drive bay covers a bit too loose
Excellent cable management
Strong but quiet cooling
Good price point




Thanks go to CaseKing for providing us with this case.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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Cubitek Tattoo Fire

  1. Fuxley says:

    Great review I must say, very structured and thought out.

    I’m considering buying this for my new rig!

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