Cubitek Tattoo Fire


Cubitek Tattoo Fire Review


The wonderful thing with the PC game is that while the huge firms always stick around – unless they’re bought by another – smaller ones tend to come and go, which keeps the industry relatively fresh faced; at least in certain areas. One that sees a revamp every now and again is the chassis market; which is important, as innovation can often be hard to come by.

Today I’m looking at a product from a company that’s certainly new on my radar, Cubitek, with their Tattoo case. Let’s see how long they deserve to be on screen for.


Cubitek Tattoo Fire Review


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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Cubitek Tattoo Fire

  1. Fuxley says:

    Great review I must say, very structured and thought out.

    I’m considering buying this for my new rig!

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