Cubitek Tank Mini


This is an impressive little case. While it won’t fit anything above a mini-ITX, it certainly makes the most of it by making it possible to really go high end, if you can find a compatible mobo. Ok it could do with a dust filter on the PSU grill and there is a lot of front panel cabling, but these are minor concerns when you take in the build quality, the internal cooling options and sleek looks.

The price is quite steep, but I think you’d struggle to find a mini-ITX chassis that gives as much as this does. Two thumbs up from yours truly.


  • Strong, well built, good looking chassis
  • Adequate cooling with reasonable noise levels
  • Clever design keeps PSU seperate
  • Allos for big CPU coolers and large performance GPUs
  • Excellent bundle and descriptive manual


  • Front fan is a bit noisy
  • PSU intake grill has no dust filter
  • Lots of front panel cables to deal with
  • Internal fan cables are too short
  • Bit pricey

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