Cubitek Tank Mini



Installing hardware is pretty easy, despite the relatively cramped conditions. However, these can be improved by removing the front hard drive cage, which gives you a bit more room to work in.

Cubitek Mini Tank

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Installation is kept quite simple thanks to the included manual. Instead of stating the obvious, this one actually gives you an idea of which screws would be best for which job. On top of this, it talks you through not only motherboard installation, but also that of optical drives, the PSU, HDDs and more.

One problem i did have was that once the motherboard was in place none of the fan headers could reach it. This is a pretty typical ITX board from Zotac, but all of them were still an inch or so from their intended headers. Fortunately Cubitek included a 2x 3pin to 3pin splitter. However, the problem with this is that there’re 3 fans fitted as standard. To get things going properly I needed to bring in a 3pin to molex converter.

Cubitek Mini Tank

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PCI brackets were nice and tooless thanks to the thumbscrews and because Cubitek bundled several more of them, you can choose to use them on your storage and optical drives too. There are however, no clip mechanisms. Everything feels quite spartan but in a good, solid way.

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Last modified: April 22, 2011

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