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Roccat Pyra Review


While everyone is aware of the big players in the gaming PC market, there are plenty of smaller firms also looking to make a name for themsleves. One such firm that has impressed us in the past is CryoPC, a custom enthusiast rig maker from the UK. Today we’re taking a look at their mid-range Helix system which features an i5 CPU, P55 motherboard, a 5870 and Corsair’s CPU water cooling kit. Let’s see how it handles our benchmarks.


  • The best value processing power available in an air cooled desktop PC of this size, outperforming any standard manufacturers desktop PC
  • Already 1-2 years ahead of all the main brand manufacturers PC technology providing you with a high performance PC with an extended lifetime
  • Offering 30% or more performance benefits over a standard PC of a similar configuration
  • Obsolescence designed out so that your investment lasts longer, and you feel greener
  • Cryo Boost™ – Overclocking and Optimisation for unrivalled performance and stability
  • Personal service and support by one of our experts assigned to your build – NOT a telesales agent
  • 20 years of practical design expertise from our industrial and commercial performance critical background
  • Fully braided internal Cable Management included at no extra cost


Roccat Pyra Review


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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