Coolermaster Storm Sniper



When it comes to fitting the HDDs in the case, it’s a wonderfully simply process. You remove one of the cages from the case, and then place the drive within it.

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It can then be slid into place, with the cage sitting between the runners. The ports then face the left hand panel, allowing all cables to be plugged in easily, but when the case is rebuilt, they’ll be stealthed.

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When it comes to the optical drive installation, it’s also very easy to accomplish. You remove one of the drive bay covers by pressing the clips on the side, and then simply push your drive into the space you’ve then made available.

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This can be a little difficult as the space is very tight, but a bit of a wiggle solves this easily enough. When it’s in place, press the lock-in button and you’re done!

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Installing the rest of the PC is relatively uneventful, but at least it went without a hitch. However, I did think that while the toolless PCI clips were nicely implemented, they didn’t seem overly sturdy and might not be able to handle heavy cards so well.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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