Coolermaster HAF 912



The 12cm exhaust impellar mentioned on the previous page:

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The whole interior is painted jet black which helps the quality feel of the case. Nothing says cheap more than a horrible blue/grey aluminium.

All cables for the front panel are neatly tied away to keep things neat for you.

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Just behind the large front impellar is a hard drive cage which offers plenty of storage space for the erstwhile enthusiast. Each drive is slotted into place with the bundled runners attached to it.

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At the base of the case, just infront of the PSU mounting position is a small 2.5" HDD/SSD drive cage which allows for even more storage mounting.

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The motherboard tray has many holes in it to aid cable management, including a large cut out behind the CPU cooler’s intended position. This allows for the easy switching of different HSF combos without the removal of the entire mainboard.

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Other notable features include the tooless installation of optical drives with perhaps the simplest click in and out method I’ve ever used, and the need for tools when installing PCI cards. While this is irritating to see, I have yet to see a click mechanism that can hold an expensive GPU as well as a screw can.

On the underside you have four rubber feet for keeping the entire chassis stable, and an intake grill for the PSU allowing it’s air circulation to be entirely independant from the rest of your hardware. This too is covered with a dust filter.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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