Coolermaster HAF 912


Coolermaster HAF 912 – Externals

The case itself is a slimmed down version of the bigger 922 and 952 chassis and I think it actually looks better for it. The gamer plastic styling has been scaled back to make a more refined looking enclosure, but it retains the character that its larger cousin’s exude.

It’s not too large and is infact a little smaller than your standard "full tower" case, but it’s certainly bigger than the average piece of crap that a lot of pre-built systems come in.

The paint job is a subdued black pearl with minor glossy/sparkly effect. It looks really nice and works well with the cases’s style.

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Beginning our whistlestop tour of the chassis’ features, we begin at the back at the top which has a large grilled hole in it. This area allows for the attachment of twin 12cm fans, a single 20cm one, or an external dual radiator setup; the latter of which would look pretty badass I think.

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Towards the front end you have a dumping area. While technically bland I tend to find these really handy for putting keys, screws, pen drives or the like for quick and easy access.

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The front panel is made up of a couple of solidly built power and reset buttons. Alongside these sits the obligatory USB slots, eSata and 3.5mm headphone sockets. Unfortunately it seems that the USB ports are only 2.0. Why Coolermaster didn’t making them 3.0 I don’t know.

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The chunky plastic siding looks better this time around seeming a little more understated.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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