Coolermaster 690 II Advanced



As cases go, the 690 II Advanced is pretty good at what it does: It’s a big case with plenty of room for appropriate cable management and sorting out the correct airflow. The manufacturers thought ahead and strategically placed hooks/tabs for cable ties as well.

It’s let down by the fans though which make far too much noise. In a home environment where it can be quiet the noise it generates gets distracting from time to time.
After much deliberation, my score for the 690 II Advanced is a respectable 8/10. It’s tough, it’s spacious, but the noise that the fans produce coupled with the difficulty of installing/removing fans from the top of the case were a letdown.

Pros Cons
Amazing cooling Backwards HDD bays
All-black interior Loud fans
Plenty of space Difficult to remove top grill
Good cable routing



Thanks go to Coolermaster for providing us with this case.

This review was syndicated on tech seed.


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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