Coolermaster 690 II Advanced


Testing and Results

I travel a lot more these days, so I decided to test this case at home and at work giving me a decent idea of the sound absorption and it’s sturdiness.


Using only the fans provided in the case I left my PC running overnight. At boot I had a decent temperature of 17 degrees Celsius, and only running to 26 degrees after running for prolonged periods of time. I also noted that the overall temperature wavered when running games rather than rise outright. The three fans provided with the 690 II Advanced provide excellent cooling straight from the get-go, with the addition of 1-2 more 140mm fans then the temperature drops another 4 degrees Celsius on average for an amazing temperature of 18 degrees.


I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t a durable case. The all-steel construct holds up incredibly well to any pressure being applied to it. The mesh and grills are also made of the same steel and barely flex at all even under large amounts of pressure.


The fans are advertised as part of the “Silent” series, but their name is misleading; They make an irritating humming sound whilst they’re running. The multitude of grills for airflow mean that this case can’t keep sound in either, though the solid steel sides nullify and muffle a lot of the noise.

In my work environment the sound of the case was completely un-noticeable, and the relatively bland look of the case meant it could be passed off as an office PC at a glance.


This particular chassis sells from most retailers for £75-£80 making it a decent price for the case and it’s extraneous components added together, but a tad pricy if you only want this chassis for the case itself.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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