Cooler Master Silencio 650



Build Quality

Build quality is something Cooler Master does very well; nothing they do is “Cheap” feeling. The steel in the case is certainly quite thick which really helps to make it feel well built but that’s not all that makes for a well-built case, the panel gaps are all tight and the plastics all feel really good too.

Noise and Cooling

The case is quiet, really quiet, thanks to all the noise isolating foam and fans that can be set to run at only 700RPM makes for a super quiet case.
Having two 120mm fans in the front really helps bring cool air in and the single 120mm at the rear is enough to remove heated air from the case.


The Silencio 650 is quite a feature packed case considering its price. Our favourite features included the super useful stand-offs, card reader, built in fan controller, sound isolating foam, 100% filtered inlets and plenty of cooling potential.


To round up the Silencio 650, its quiet, stays cool and looks extremely professional and sleek. Building a system in the case was easy; everything went in very easily thanks to it being quite spacey. There isn’t anything we don’t like about the case, it’s well made and well thought out.

The case is on sale for £102. This may seem a lot for a mid-ATX case but considering the outstanding features included, it’s highly recommended.


  • Excellent quality
  • Easy to build a system in
  • Priced fairly
  • Quiet and cool
  • Can fit very long graphics cards


  • Delicate rubber Grommets
  • Rear side panel can be difficult to install due to thick 24 pin cables although doesn’t bow out like other cases



Last modified: February 21, 2013

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