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Testing this case came down to a few things, strength, noise and cooling and testing the cases various features.

A strong case is important, if it were prone to breaking and bending it’d put your hardware at risk. A case that bends and twists under stress would not be good for your internals. To test a case for strength we use our own bodyweight.

Efficient cooling is another important factor in a case, high temperatures reduce the lifespan of hardware and can cause damage so we’ll check just how well the Shinobi cools your hardware, we’ll also take into consideration how noisy it is.

The final point is testing the cases various features, this can include things like fan controllers, tool-free systems, awesome lasers etc.

We’ll also look at the cost of the case.


The case proved itself to be pretty strong. The side panels are resilient to bending and the case itself refused to bend, twist or break and generally feels very sturdy. But what about cooling?

It does an pretty good job of cooling as is but if you’re going to put some meaty hardware in it I’d invest in one or two more fans as only two are included.

Once I added an extra fan I couldn’t find fault with it. Out of the box the BitFenix Shinobi runs pretty quietly, most of the noise came from the Corsair H50 fan and the extra fan I added.

As for features, the tool-free design on all the drive bays worked well, the clamps keep a tight hold on the drives and I’ve noticed no vibration noise that can be caused by some tool-free solutions I’ve encountered. The tinted window looks good, too.

Unfortunately there are no USB 3.0 ports on the case.


This case costs around £51, a good price considering the quality of the chassis.

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Last modified: May 23, 2011

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BitFenix Shinobi

  1. I have this case, and yes I love it too. Clean lines, no evidence of scratched/cut corners. Just amazing.

    About the lack of 3.0 ports. I must admit that it’s the only “let-down” of this case, but tbh my motherboard’s included 3.0 header solved the problem. Everyone should opt for motherboard that has one before buying this case.

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