BitFenix Colossus


Testing and Results

I reviewed the Colossus at a local LAN party and at home.


With the size of the case it’s hard to keep it cool with just the two fans it comes equipped with. I had to install two more 140mm fans to keep the temperature down, and even then they were above what I’d expect from a case with a pair of fans bigger than my head. It sucks in a lot of air but not enough it seems.

I would imagine this case would be fine in normal environments, but it does struggle a little when in a room with a high ambient temperature; like the LAN I was at.


I was going to come up with a clever way to test the strength of this case, but then I accidentally slammed a door on it. The steel chassis can withstand a huge amount of pressure, but the steel grills are a bit more flimsy, bending under small amounts of force.

Considering the size of the case, and the amount of steel that has gone into creating this leviathan; it’s incredibly heavy. Far heavier than a PC case needs to be.


With the fans turned down low, the noise generated is barely perceptible. At full power they generate the roar of a fledgling god. In a LAN environment I could still hear the hum of the fans over the sound of 20 other PCs.

The 230mm fans generate a huge amount of noise in order to keep airflow around the case constant.


At £130, the Colossus is anything but cheap. You could probably take it to a scrap yard and get half its value back though considering it’s a behemoth of steel.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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