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The amount of room inside the chassis meant that I had a nearly flawless installation. Nearly flawless.

The motherboard dropped straight in (GPU and CPU cooler already attached) with the only difficulty being a missing washer. With so much room to work with there were absolutely no qualms with wiring everything in, and with so many of the cables coming pre-tied down it was almost a dream.

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Other than this little problem:

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The PSU is located so far away from the motherboard itself, that with a shorter secondary power cable and such a large GPU, it stretched across the GPU and is constantly grinding against it. I’ve had to grab a modular cable extension since to deal with this problem.

In smaller chassis’ this wouldn’t be a problem since their would be alternate routes to run the P4 cable along; however the distance between the PSU and the motherboard meant that I only managed to achieve this undesirable set-up because it was the only possible route to the P4slot due to the length of the cable itself. The obvious solution is a new PSU, but buying a new chassis shouldn’t force you to buy a new power pack just to accomodate it. If BitFenix continue to design cases of this size then they may consider in the future including spare extensions for particular cables such as the P4 so that similar problems don’t occur for users in the future.

This is a problem for a lot of big cases, so when buying a large chassis, please take this into consideration.

NB. One option that has been recommended to us is that you route the cable under the bracket end of the GPU.

Tieing everything down however was perfect. With the huge amount of space to work with in both the front of the chassis and in the space behind the backplate, I was able to arrange everything exactly as I wanted it instead of crossing various wires through cable ties.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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