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BitFenix have managed to produce a chassis that appeals to my aesthetic taste on every level, i.e it’s big, lights up and could make up for the masculinity of a small country. It’s the Hummer of the computer case world, or some variety of sports car.

When I call it a leviathan of steel, I mean it. The entire construct is solid steel with an outer coating of a synthetic material that doesn’t pick up fingerprints (Though dust sticks to it like a barnacle).

The front of the case is a door that houses one of the 230mm fans which will need to be left open in order for the cooling system to work to full effect.

With the door open you can also see grooves running around the edge of the case. These are designed for USB cables for Mice, keyboards etc. The idea is that when you’re using the front IO connectors, the cables will be tidied away. External cable management? Not a bad idea.

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I had to refer to the packaging for this next part. For about an hour I was convinced that this chassis had an ignition instead of a regular power switch. There were even keys provided.

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Turns out that these keys just unlock the door that hides the I/O panel. A brilliantly spacious I/O panel if I do say so myself.

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Featuring a variety of USB ports, and space to hide a phone sneakily charging, this I/O panel has everything you’d expect: Power switch, reset button. There’s also a dial for controlling fan speed and two buttons that mediate the lights that run down the Colossus.

Speaking of lights, they’re gorgeous. Available in both red and blue straight out of the box they only need one 2-pin power cable to run. They don’t just light up though, they pulsate as well. In the dark, this is a beautiful case to look at (And can provide lighting for a whole room if you’re being cheap on your electric bills).

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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